Wollongong Waterproofing Contractor Applying Sealant


Wollongong's water damage and remediation specialist Leak Free Waterproofing offers superior workmanship that is sure to earn your seal of approval.

With our waterproofing contractors, we guarantee you will benefit from more than a decade's worth of collective industry experience and competitive rates that cater to a broad range of budgets.

Whether you require commercial, residential or industrial waterproofing undertaken, our professionals will ensure you receive maximum value for your money.

Specialist Waterproofing Contractors At Competive Pricing

Our Wollongong waterproofing specialists offer a wide variety of waterproofing services at competitive rates. Leaky showers, toilets, bathrooms and laundries can be promptly remedied by our expert team.

Subfloor drainage, rising damp and concrete crack injections, as well as general waterproofing repairs are just a few of the many services we offer. If you want to protect your property from noise pollution or anti-graffiti protection, or have structural joints that need sealing, Leak Free Waterproofing should be your first choice.

The waterproofers we deploy provide both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. The tough waterproofing membranes, durable coatings, structural sealants and damp-remediating injections we incorporate in our projects are the best the industry has to offer.

To prevent water seepage from damaging your home or business, our Wollongong leak professionals service your roof, retaining wall, planter box, balcony and the external areas of your premises.

Our Service Regions

Keep your renovation project, home, office or industrial premises safe from water damage. The Leak Free Waterproofing team can service all areas throughout the Wollongong, Shell Harbour and Illawarra regions.

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