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Waterproofing Membranes for North Wollongong

The waterproofing products installed by our experienced team can protect your property from infrastructural corrosion, harmful UV penetration, noise pollution and even graffiti damage. Our durable sealants and membranes are affordable, easily maintained,and guaranteed to save you money in the long run.


The quality epoxy waterproofing coatings our staff apply are smooth, long lasting, and perfectly suited to a broad range of flooring applications. Solar reflective coatings, which can lower your air conditioning costs and protect your property from harmful UV rays, are also available. If you want to give your home or office additional protection from vandalism, anti-graffiti coatings can be applied by our team.

All of our waterproofing coating products are easily maintained and they are guaranteed to enhance the value and integrity of your property.


Waterproof membrane installation is our specialty at Leak Free Waterproofing. Our staff offer wet area membranes, as well as options for retaining walls and planter boxes. Negative, flat, concrete roof and pool membranes are also available.

Our experienced team can replace your worn-out or damaged membranes promptly, professionally and for a very affordable price. Our Wollongong waterproofing professionals fit a range of UV stable membranes. Trafficable membrane options are also available.


In addition to being an eyesore, rising damp can seriously undermine the stability of your structural walls. Fortunately, the Leak Free Waterproofing team can provide a comprehensive Wollongong damp injection service at an affordable price.

By injecting damp suppressing liquid into your bricks or mortar, our staff can eliminate the need for costly and time consuming wall dismantling. Our revolutionary rising damp injection treatments are fast acting, safe and extremely effective. Both commercial and residential buildings can be serviced by our rising damp remediation professionals.


At Leak Free Waterproofing, our experts offer a comprehensive range of Wollongong sealing products and services. Sealing options offered by our team include construction joint and oil resistant concrete sealing. Even new style facades with water repellent product that retain original finish, complicated jointing systems can be sealed and serviced by our Wollongong waterproofing experts.

Whatever the structural materials your building is comprised of, our professionals are confident they can apply the most secure sealing solution at the best price.


In order to provide customers with the maximum value for their money, only products from trusted, internationally recognised brands are sold and installed by the Leak Free Waterproofing team. Environmentally friendly water and corrosion resistant proofing products from Liquid Rubber can be fitted by our professionals. We also utilise sealants and membranes from Bostik, Sika and Sealex.

Whatever your bathroom, toilet or roof waterproofing requirements, Leak Free Waterproofing will ensure that the best product from the best manufacturer is applied every time.


Our Wollongong water damage experts have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal to provide fast and efficient waterproofing services. To maximise safety and efficiency when undertaking surface preparation work, our staff use dustless grinding equipment. Our team also use Airless and plural component spraying units.

Whatever your domestic, commercial or industrial water damage protection requirements, the experts at Leak Free Waterproofing have the best tools and equipment to get the job done right, fast.

Watertight service at affordable prices.